About Me

Hello! My name's Aezogeus and I'm a Freelance Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Toy Enthusiast! I'm currently available for:

  • Emotes / Sub Badges / Bit Badges (Starting at $13.50)
  • Stream Overlays / Offline & BRB Screens (Starting at $20.00)
  • Icons / Avatars / Logos (Starting at $25)
  • T-Shirt Designs / Merch Design (Starting at $50)
  • Pixel Art / Animations (Price based on level of complexity)
  • 2D Game Assets / Backgrounds (Price based on level of complexity)

If you have any questions, you can contact me on the following platforms:
Twitter: @Aezogeus

Discord Profile: Aezogeus#4639

Discord Server: Link

or email me at aezogeus.art@gmail.com

PayPal | Ko-Fi

Check out my full portfolio at: https://www.behance.net/aezogeus

Artist Terms

1. Payment will be through Paypal.
2. Payments to be made after the final output is locked in and before the delivery of the requested files.
3. I have the right to refuse any request that will not be possible for me to work on.
4. I cannot complete the commission unless initial sketches are approved. Communication is key. Thank you.
5. Any number of minor revisions. Major revisions will only be accepted during the sketch phase.
6. Additional charges may apply depending on the complexity of the design.
7. It will take me anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks at most to finish your request, depending on the level of complexity and number of revisions.
8. Please note that I have other clients and I might not be able to get started on your commission right away, in which case you will be informed as such.
9. Rushed/priority commissions will be +50% of the original price.
10. I retain partial rights to my art work. You're allowed to use the finished commission for personal use (Twitch, Youtube, Discord, etc.).
11. I am allowed to post my finished commissions or add them to my portfolio. Please inform me immediately if you need it to be a secret.
12. If you want to make merchandise of a commissioned piece, please contact me so we can work on a contract for commercial and resale rights.
13. My Terms of Service is subject to change without prior notice.‚Äč

By commissioning me, you have read and agree to my terms of service.

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