About Me

Hey there!

I'm Celliron, Cell, Celli, or just Megan if you prefer.

I'm a freelance illustrator/graphic designer with a bachelor's degree in commercial illustration.

During the day I work as a custom t-shirt production assistant at a local small business and at night I become a freelancer, twitch streamer, and cosplayer.

I am a graphic designer for Akaicon and Aocon here in Nashville where I've lived all my life.

I am generally an easy person to talk to so feel free to reach out to me here online or at a con. 🙂


Artist Terms

Depending on what you commission me for determines a few things but essentially it's the same.

Emotes or Sub Badge Commissions:
You will receive the sized images that twitch requires.
If you think you will want the full res file size then there will be an additional fee for the file.
Think of it as buying the rights to use it any way you want other than what the original agreement of the art was purchased for. Whether it be for advertising purposes, use in panels or on stream, even merch options like stickers.

All other Commissions:
You will receive the full resolution image with watermark and without.
If this is for promo material such as merch or personal branding I will require a fee for the rights of the image created. Typically all works such as original character recreation are considered personal pieces and would not need the fee. But if you require the requested image for stream merch or for your logo I will require that fee before I hand over the final art.

I as the artist I do request the rights to live stream the progress of the commission as well as use it as promotional material on my social media platforms with you tagged in said post.

The journey from start to finish:

I will not start a commission unless paid in full.

There are 3 main steps in this process.
- sketch
you will receive a sketch for review, I will then fix any issues that may need revising before moving on I will require a definitive agreement that it is ok to proceed to the next step.
- line art
you will receive an image of the lined art to make sure that it's really what you want. If any issues need revising I will do this here before moving onto the next step. I will need a definitive agreement that it is ok to proceed.
- flat color and shade
you will receive an image of the flat colors to make sure that if any color matching was needed. Color adjustments are very easy and most commissions don't require this step. If it's not needed or I'm feeling jazzy I'll go ahead and shade.
If everything is good to go on the image I will "wrap it up" and send it to you via email or discord depending where we are communicating.

It is extremely important that you should know that I am fine with revisions but only for the step we are on.
For example: If you agree to the sketch and line art phase and I show you the color phase and you request I redraw something I will require a revision fee per each revision for past steps. Once you agree to proceeding to the next step I cannot go back. There are many layers in the art that will require me to redraw on each one which can be a hassle.

I would say that I am pretty easy to work with. I do try my best to deliver a friendly and professional attitude as well as provide fast quality work. 🙂

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  • Shane
    August 20, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    Megan is an absolute blessing and always does her best to make sure the final product is exactly what you want. She is always ready to answer any questions you may have and is very timely with responses. I commissioned her for a twitch emote and she exceeded all my expectations. I would and do reccomend her to everyone that needs graphic work. Perfect 5/7 will commission again!

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