About Me

Hi there, name's Cobalt.

I'm an amateur self taught emote artist.
After a bit of time, a few people suggested I should sell my skills, so here I am.


Emotes are what I do, but I may take on Badge requests as well.

Artist Terms

► Payment must be made through Paypal. GBP only.

► Payment will be sent through an invoice, there will be no refunds after payment is sent.

► I will send in sketches up to 2 times for your approval before payment is required. If you accept the sketches, payment must be sent before I will continue work on your commission.
► If you require additional changes after the 2 allowed changes, there will be a small extra fee on top for each time you require a change equaling to 25% of the price.
► Example: A commission is costing you £10, each change after the first two will add an additional £2.50 to your final charge.

► References are vastly preferred, however if you can provide sufficient detail upon your design, they will not be required.

► Depending on how big an order you have placed, commissions may take up to 2-3 weeks to complete. However please be aware that sometimes Real Life happens, that may make this take a little longer than expected. In the event this might happen, I will contact you as soon as I possibly can about it.

► I may be willing to fast track your order ahead of others, but this will cost you 50% more base charge.
► Example: £10 + £5.
► Note however, the 25% charge on extra changes will not scale off the resulting £15, but instead scale off the base £10

► Any changes required, or asked for after the order is completed will be £2 per change.

► You will not own any rights to the work, until you have paid in full.
► This price of which will be the base cost + and bonus changes + Fast Track. If does not include the price for post-finished changes.

► Be aware, that I will be posting your completed commission (With Watermark) to my Twitter page, with you tagged in it upon transaction completion, and confirmation that no more changes are needed at that time.
► If you do not wish for me to do this, please make sure to state as such as soon as possible, and I will make a note of it, so I don't post them to Twitter.

► Any work you wish to post, must contain credits to myself, along with a link to this page, or my Twitter. Anyone who does not do this shall be blacklisted.

► If issued a refund or don’t respond in less than a week, you will be blacklisted.

► I withhold the right to decline work I am not comfortable with.

►► Working with me requires the acceptance of these terms. Anyone who fails to stick to the agreed upon terms shall be blacklisted.

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