About Me

Hello and howdy!

The name is Allora White, but I usually go by KagedBird (Kaged by my friends), and I'm a self taught digital artist. My skills lie more in illustrations of backgrounds and characters, reference pages, icons, and panels for Twitch! I'm less handy in emotes and badges, but given a bit of time, I can wrangle something for you if really need be.

How do I commission you?

You can go ahead and send in a form here: [https://forms.gle/yWHVMGdoKR5k4ksV6] to send me your commission!
Payment must come first and the work will not be started until full payment.
Absolutely no refunds, so please make sure you have everything in order on your own end before sending me a form.

Artist Terms

Do not trace, edit, or repost without my permission. The examples provided are not to be used for any commercial means, and are only meant to be examples.

Payment through Paypal. USD only.

Payment will be sent through an invoice, there will be no refunds after payment is sent. Progress will Not start until after full payment has been received.

You will be given examples of your piece as it progresses, but when it gets to the shading portion or beyond (depending on what you commissioned), there will be no more last minute decisions. I am here to give you exactly what you want, but there has to be a line drawn to what will be changed.

Having a visual reference- no matter how simplistic- is highly preferred to vasts amount of text. However, if unable to provide, text is fine.

Commissions can take from 2 days to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the order, and my personal life.

I prefer not to do NSFW, but I can. However none shall be uploaded personally. You're free to do so on your own social medias, but Please link back to me, and credit me by name or tag.

Following that, I reserve the right to turn away any work I feel I am incapable of doing well enough for you, or feel uncomfortable with.

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