About Me

Emote artist | Illustrator | Twitch Streamer

Hi im Misty, i make twitch emotes, badges and illustrations.

Feel free to contact me regarding any questions. If you'd like to commission me please reach out to me on twitter @mistyfy and fill out a form when ready to order.

*:・゚✧ ~ How to Order ~ ✧・゚:*

  • Preferred name:
    Style: (emote | bust | chibi | full body):
    References & info: (attach an image / any relevant info about the character etc.):
    Pose (Describe or send a doodle):
    Canvas size requested:

Special shout out to @JustFream & @Benk for taking the time to create this website to help support twitch artists.

Artist Terms

✧ Full payments via paypal (mistybloom3@gmail.com) upfront
✧ No refunds, partial refunds for tips/bribes/changes/extras/breakups etc.
✧ Do not resell, steal, trace, claim as your own, or take part of my art.

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