About Me

Hello, I'm Pandreem, mainly an Emote artist but a lover of Illustrations and Chibis as well. I'm always open for commissions and love helping everyone out, my currently open commissions include GFX&Chibis, Emotes, and Badges.

I can be contacted through the above-mentioned links or by email: pandreem@gmail.com.






Artist Terms

Payment for commissions will be upfront (before I start sketching), half amount can be paid if order is over 50usd, never send the payment before I request it through invoice;

Payment needs to be done within 5 days or spot will be given to another commissioner;

Payment only through PayPal invoice, which I will send to your email;

If you’re from Europe the payment in € is requested and welcome;

State for what Social Media you want the work resized to, if not stated I will do it in my custom size and setting, if you want it changed, an additional fee may be applied;

Chibi and profile pic’s size is (1000x1000px);

I don’t permit the use of unpaid Sketches;

Unpaid sketches might be sold;

I keep all rights to my artwork, and it’s Personal use only, for Commercial Use a fee needs to be paid;

As the creator of my artwork, I retain the right to use WIP images, the finished products as part of my portfolio, on social media;

If you’re contacting me by email please include your Twitch/ Twitter username;

I don’t do edits of another artist’s work, if you don’t have the permission to do so through screenshot;

Please have an idea, reference or a detailed description of what you want;

Returning customer have a 10% off on any order;

Discount codes need to be communicated to be valid;

Promotions and Emote packs discounts can’t be stacked;

I am not responsible for rejected emotes or badges and I won’t refund them. When commissioning me, make sure that your idea meets the terms of the website you are uploading it on;

Changes, after I have sent the resized files, will be charged;

If you commission me, you agree to my ToS;

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  • July 9, 2020 9:24 am local time

  • DireBear [Avenger Friends]
    November 14, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Pandreem is such a great artist, she really cares about her work and customers. She is very nice and the art is always amazing. I would 100% recommend her to everyone. 🙂

  • Markus [Eshtir] Urban
    November 26, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    Pandreem designed my first set of Twitch emotes and i will commission her again for the next batch soon. I can highly recommend Pandreem if you are looking for emotes. The turnaround is very fast and she is super nice in guiding you through the whole process. 5 out of 5 chainsaws! 😉

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