About Me

Hi! My name is Kate (you can call me Pink) and I stream on twitch, but also freelance a lot, making twitch graphics for other Twitch streamers. I do emotes, sub badges, and have been branching out into other forms of twitch art (character illustrations, overlays). I am 22, from the UK, and I like Manatees.

Artist Terms

Terms Of Service
Please read this before commissioning me!


When filling out my Quote form, please make the description as detailed as possible, and have photo reference ready if possible.

After accepting the commission request I will send you a sketch, with watermark, until the sketch is deemed acceptable.

Once this is agreed upon, full payment amount will be paid through PayPal.

All payments will be made through PayPal, in GBP (£) or in USD, but the amount will be converted from GPB.

If you would like a style different from the examples I have shown, let me know in your description of the commission.

I reserve the right to turn down your commission.


If during the sketching process you wish for revisions that is fine, and free (within reason). However any revisions of linear after that process require compensation. Please be 100% sure on what you would like to commission to avoid paying extra fees, any revision fees will be 10% of the base price.

Once designs and payments are finalised there are no refunds.


Commissions are for your personal use only.

Any posts of commissions, such as on Twitter or Twitch, require me to be credited (either by name or link).

When posting the artwork on social media please do not claim credit.

You may only use commissions for their intended use, not on merchandise and such unless specified during the commission process and prices are altered to include this use.

I reserve the right to post any commissions made, but will not claim any original character designs as my own.

Designs can not be resold or given to a new owner without my knowledge and consent.

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