About Me

Hello! I'm Rayne, and I am a self-taught traditional artist turned digital artist. My artwork varies from cute chibis to environments. I aim to learn animation and 3D digital art.


I currently have Twitch commissions open for emotes and sub badges, but am open to any and all commission types.


If you would like to check out my portfolios, keep up with updates, buy some merch, or support me, click this link to all the links: https://linktr.ee/rayneame


I do plan on streaming games/artwork soon, so stay tuned for those as well.

Artist Terms

*Please read before ordering*

**(You accept my ToS when you commission me)**

- I reserve the right to turn down any commission.
- I reserve the right to modify all commissions for advertisement purposes, unless stated otherwise.
- Prices are subject to change due to increase in demand and/or other factors.
- Do not steal, modify, copy, edit, trace, or heavily reference my art without my permission.
- Commissions are only for personal use by the commissioner, unless approved otherwise.
- Commissions are to be used for their discussed purpose, **NOT** merchandise, unless approved.
- All orders are a "half now, half later" payment method. This means I will request a first payment of 50% of the total discussed price, then a second payment of the remaining amount upon approval after the sketching stage.
- 100% of first payment of an order will be refunded if I have not started it. If already sketched/in progress, 50% of first payment will be refunded.

For more commission info: https://trello.com/b/2GPorAfB/raynes-art-commissions

Open hours today: By appointment only
  • Monday

    By appointment only

  • Tuesday

    By appointment only

  • Wednesday

    By appointment only

  • Thursday

    By appointment only

  • Friday

    Open 24h

  • Saturday

    Open 24h

  • Sunday

    Open 24h

  • July 6, 2020 2:30 am local time

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