About Me

Hello! I'm Remi and I'm willing to turn into reality your vision of your dream emotes! I will make sure to deliver the highest quality emotes to you! You can check out my work on my social medias if you want to see multiple samples, I HIGHLY recommend to check out my offers through my website for a cleaner experience, this post will be long since I'll be listing all the things I'm capable of doing!

Prices are the following:

Stream Graphics: 

Profile Pictures l USD$30

Headers I USD$35

Logos I USD$85

Subscriber Emotes
1 Emote l USD$20
*Word only emotes are $10.
3 Emotes l USD$50
5 Emotes l USD$85
7 Emotes l USD$115
10 Emotes l USD$150

Animated emote l USD$40

*Includes 224x224, 112x112, 56x56 and 28x28 .png files

Loyalty badges/ Bit badges
1 Badge l USD$15
4 Badges l USD$50
​5 Badges l USD$ 65
8 Badges l USD$100
​10 Badges l USD$120

Animated badge l USD$30

*Includes 224x224, 72x72, 36x36 and 18x18 .png files

1 panel l USD$ 15 each
3 panels I USD$ 40
6 panels l USD$80

- Affiliate l USD$95
*Contains: 3 emotes and 5 badges
- Super Affiliate l USD$155
*Contains: 7 emotes and 5 badges
- Mega Affiliate l USD$240
*Contains: 10 emotes and 10 badges
- Emotes Maniac l USD$270
*contains: 20 emotes, each emote is USD$13,5 each in this bundle
- Header and Panels Combo l USD$ 105
*Contains: 1 header and 6 panels

Illustrations (I offer two different coloring styles):

Sketch Base Color l USD$15
Lineart Base Color l USD$20
Lineart Full Color l USD$40

Thigh Up
Sketch Base Color l UDS$20
Lineart l USD$25
Lineart Base Color l USD$30
Lineart Full Color l USD$50

Full Body
Sketch Base Color l USD$30
Lineart l USD$35
Lineart Base Color l USD$40
Lineart Full Color l USD$60

Lineart Base Color l USD$30
Lineart Full Color l USD$50

Animal Base Color l USD$25
Animal Full Color l USD$45
Simple Background l Free
Complex Background l + USD$35

Animated Illustrations l Double the price of the desired drawing commission


Payment via Paypal.

You can also donate to my Ko-fi if you'd like to support me! any donation is greatly welcomed, and even sharing helps greatly ^^

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  • Phuriaslady
    August 9, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    What a wonderful artist! Very sweet and very professional. All costs and production time were given ahead of time and the art was delivered as promised. I would recommend SilentRemi to anyone looking for cute anime/chibi artwork.

  • Spiza
    August 9, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    SilentRemi is an amazing artist who works well and always has her customer’s satisfaction in mind. Very professional but also very friendly and easy to work with. She great <3

  • Seraphiima
    August 11, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    Amazing artist! Always goes out of her way to make sure that every commission is absolutely perfect and to my liking. Extremely sweet and easy to talk to through the commission process as well!

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