About Me

Hello, my name is Victoria! I'm a graphic designer and illustrator focusing on the creation of twitch emotes and badges!

Artist Terms

Cardinal Rules:

*By Paying my invoice you agree to have read and accepted these terms.

*Do not send money directly to my PayPal, I will send you an invoice once your order is accepted!

*Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use by the commissioner unless a deal is worked out beforehand. You do NOT have permission to edit, take credit for, or resell my art. Commissioned art may also not be used without the commissioner's permission.

Expedited fee:

*I will take about a week per emote, if you need something within 2-3 business days I will rush your order for an additional $10 per emote. Let me know beforehand!

*Please DO NOT rush me if you have not paid my fee, the process goes a lot smoother when I'm not under stress!


*I will allow you to cancel the commission if I haven't started working on it, I will refund your payment in full. However, if I've already started working on your commission, I will not offer a full refund.


*If you request a remake of an emote after I've already moved past the sketching phase, you will have to pay an additional $20 for a redo as a separate order.

*I won't make large edits after the finished product is sent, color adjustments are OK.

*Edits requiring a minor change (clothing, hair color, accessory, etc.) will be 50% of the unit's price.

Other Notes:

*I will send you updates as I work but I STRONGLY prefer if you refrain from asking everyday, it puts unnecessary pressure on me and makes it harder for me to do my job. Don’t be afraid to check in but please remember to be respectful!

*I offer a google spreadsheet where you may track the progress of your order.

*all payments must be made in USD through PayPal!

​*I will email you the finished product to your PayPal email as well as link them on the platform we originally used to communicate.

*All emotes are sent through my deviantart @UVICTSA using sta.sh, from there you can download the complete file as a ZIP!

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