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Hello! 🙂

I'm xSanichi and I'm teaching myself to draw since 2014! I've specialized in digital art and I love to create Illustrations for me and also my clients. While I do offer custom sub bages and emotes for twitch I can also draw chibis and normal-sized characters from headshot to fullbody. I've also worked for other clients to create their merchandise. I can offer you to make your charms, stickers, artprints and more.

If you wish to see more samples and prices of my work, plead head over to: https://xsanichicommission.crd.co/

Ways to contact me: Email (xsanichi@gmail.com), DM on Instagram/Twitter/Deviantart or Discord xSanichi#4258. I always use the same name @xsanichi on all of my profiles!

Thank you!

Artist Terms

My ToS is fully written on this google docs file: https://goo.gl/KL5f3Z

> Prices are in Euro

> Commercial Use of Emotes, Panels and Badges (Twitch subs) are already included in the price. If you wish to make merchandise or more out of it, an additional fee will be applied. There is no commercial use fee added beforehand on my other illustrations, please contact me for more information.

> Turnaround time is usually between 1-4 days. [For Twitch Illustrations only]

> I maintain the right to decline a commission.

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